DYO provides examples of designs of sportswear that you can customise in your school or club colours.

1) Start by choosing a product.

2) Select a design

3) Colour design

4) Add text and sports team numbers (if required)

If Sports team numbers are required;

5) Add logo

6) Saving coloured designs

PLEASE NOTE: If you navigate away from your design without saving, your design will be lost.

7) Saved designs tray

8) Submit

Creating A Presentation - Instructions

We also offer our customers the ability to create a professional looking presentation, ideal for board meetings.

PLEASE NOTE: For existing customers only. New customers can create a presentation, save and submit the designs and we will contact you to discuss further. Your presentations will then be emailed to you at a later date.

1) Creating a presentation

Once you are happy with your saved designs, please click on the Create Presentation button.

2) Select a suitable storyboard.

Choose from a selection of suitable storyboards in the grey Layout Panel (right).

3) Drag and drop

Please see all your saved designs situated in the bottom window. Hold the mouse down on the garment you want to place in the presentation. Drag the image on to the presentation window and drop the garment on the line drawing. Continue this until you are happy with the garments layout.

4) Adding the school or team name

5) Preview Presentation

6) Save Presentation

View Saved Designs - Customer Portal

PLEASE NOTE: For existing customers only. New customers will not have the ability to access this area.

For those customers that have an account and are familiar with using the customer portal, you will notice an addition to the left menu panel.

1) Log into the Customer Portal

2) Customer Portal - Viewing saved designs

At the customer portal home page, click on VIEW SAVED DESIGNS.

3) Saved presentations & saved designs

Here you see 2 central windows - Saved Presentations & Saved Designs.

The Saved Presentations window will display all the "framed and named" designs you created, ready for presenting in full screen mode (ideal for presenting using a projector) or printing in either A4 or A3.

The saved Designs window shows all the designs that you have saved. If you wish to edit any of these, click the Edit Designs button on the right. This opens a separate window, click on the design you wish to edit and this will be loaded into the colour applet.

4) Full Screen Presentations

To view in full screen mode, click the View Presentation button on the right of the window.

5) Scrolling through designs

If you have a number of designs, they wont all fit into the window. To scroll through your designs, click the Next > or < Previous buttons on the right and left of your designs.

5) Printing

To print your presentations or individual designs, click the Print Designs button.

This will open a separate window displaying all your designs. Click on the designs you wish to print. A tick in the white box next to the designs will highlight which garments you intend to print.